Sites to Watch : LIFTLUXE (Men’s Lifestyle Elevated)


There are a ton of sites out there that are “invite-only” or exclusive when it comes to menswear and the shopping experience. LiftLuxe is the one few site that I have found that incorporates shopping, lifestyle tips and general idea of what men are looking for to help improve their sartorial well-being. Recently, I had a conversation with one of the representatives from LiftLuxe and during that convo, it became clear to me that the emphasis has been put 100% on providing guys with amazing clothing that may not be mainstream (but are of the best quality). With that quality first mind-set, Liftluxe is a brand that I can get behind.


Shopping has been made simple at LiftLuxe. All you have to do is create an account and get the ball rolling. Also, you have the  opportunity to earn some extra cash but joining the Affinity Club. Once people start to sign up for the club using your link, you will receive 5% cash back on their purchases (dollar for dollar). The Affinity Club is a pretty sweet deal, however; you don’t have to sign up for it to make purchases (just an added perk of LiftLuxe).

Look out for Brands Like:

  • L.B.M. 1911
  • Rivieras
  • Life After Denim
  • Riviera Club
  • Psycho Bunny
  • Will Leather  Goods
  • Sunpockcet
  • Magnanni
  • Ian Velardi
  • Campanilie
  • Onia

These are just a few of the brands that are available for purchase via LiftLuxe.

2. Get Style Tips from their Editors: Style Shortcuts

The Style Shortcuts section is a great place for any guy that doesn’t really have time to think about what they want or may have no clue. The section is essentially the editors picks of what hot from the brands they carry and may pique your interest. Take it as a “yeah, this stuff is really cool and we’ll save you the time to look for it.

3. Get Some Daily Lifestyle Inspiration: Liftluxe Daily

Lastly, LIFTLUXE Daily is the lifestyle blog for LIFTLUXE. The keyword is that this is a lifestyle blog that touches on Celebrity Style Guide , food, drinks, travel and cool gear just to name a few. Honestly, their blog will keep you occupied for hours especially the travel and food sections. LIFTLUXE is definitely a site that I recommend for all guys that want to upgrade not just their personal style, but, want to enhance their overall lifestyle.

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Author:Sabir M. Peele

Founder & Creative Director of menswear style & lifestyle blog Sabir serves as an independent brand consulting working with brands like GQ, AskMen, Indochino & Z Zegna (among others). Selected as #GQFall Best Dressed in 2013 & one of Esquire Magazine Best Dressed Real Men in America in 2010. Follow @MensStylePro on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter. Email with your inquiries.

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