Sabir M. Peele is a guy from North Philadelphia with a passion for quality men’s style. An average height male at 5′ 9″ tall with an athletic build (thanks to his days as a former NCAA track & field athlete) and weighing in at 164 lbs, Sabir wears his passion on his sleeve, pants, shoes, cuffs, etc.  — And he wears it well.

You may know Sabir as the “Philadelphia Men’s Style Examiner” from the articles he writes for the  Sabir was first recognized for his style sense as the winner of the King of Prussia Mall style contest in 2008.  In 2010, Sabir attracted the attention of the national style media and was named one of Esquire Magazine’s “5 Best Dressed Real Men in America” and in addition was the winner of the Fan Favorite vote.

Without a trust fund or lucky lottery ticket at his disposal, Sabir has made his own way with a solid education and willingness to work hard.  Starting with the understanding that not all men can make their wardrobe a financial priority, Sabir manages to develop a wardrobe collection on a limited budget that results in well put together ensembles from day to night.

The Men’s Style Pro website was created not to only give men advice and tips about style, it gives you the ability to communicate directly with Sabir whether you want to schedule a personal consultation, disscuss a new trend or revisit the classics.  Sabir believes “style is personal and continues to evolve with you as you grow into the person you want to be”, and he wants to inspire you to achieve your ideal style point.

Stay tuned to the Men’s Style Pro and send your questions to .



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