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Double The Breast, Double The Fun

(All text in burgundy is clickable) (Shop Onassis Clothing online now through April 30th and get 10% off your total purchase by using Discount Code: “mensstylepro10” at checkout) (Sorry guys, no boobs over here) Double-breasted blazers or “DBs” as they are known by style aficionados, have made a rapid resurgence into menswear in the past 4 […]

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Style Professor: Frank & Oak Blazer Review

(All text in burgundy is clickable) After a month of raving about the launch of Frank & Oak this past February, the online retailer is already in its second month of sales. If you’ve been a loyal or even semi-casual reader on Men’s Style Pro then you already know I make it my duty to […]

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Sock it to Me Design-A-Sock Contest

(All text in burgundy is clickable) Often the most forgotten piece of a man’s wardrobe is a vibrant pair of socks. More often than not, I say that if you are going to wear a pair of socks with your outfit, those socks should have some personality. Socks are one of those areas where the […]

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Men’s Style Pro Goes Naked

(This post is Rated-R for mild nudity- hahaha. And as usual, all text in Burgundy is clickable. Click —> HERE <–to download the MSP Mobile APP for your iPhone or Android Phone) If you really love your brand, you will do some things in your lifetime to really show that you love your brand. In […]

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The Routine: Men’s Style Pro Becoming Men’s Style Pro

Recently, a client of mine asked me, “How do you put your looks together? Is there a set formula that you follow or is it just intuition?” Since we were having a video conversation using Skype, I didn’t want the racing thoughts in my mind to show up as confusion on my face. With a […]

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