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WIWT: Not Letting Go of Summer

Summer is coming to an end. Yes, I said it! Summer is almost over. Since I work at a university, it is everso evident that summer is drifting away when students start returning in just a week, travel season will pick up and the leaves are going to start changing to that ever so pumpkin […]

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And the winner is……

  After a hard fought battle, David Marcheskie has been crowned the winner of the “It’s Okay To Be Square Contest” pocket square contest from Armstrong & Wilson. There were some great entries in the contest and in the end David Marcheskie stood out from the pack with his overall look and execution of the […]

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It’s a pocket…put a pocket square in it!

Any man can wear a suit, but, how does that man stand out in the crowd of other suited gents? One of the key components to adding that extra 10% to a suit would be the presence of a pocket square. You may have seen these pocket companions in magazines like GQ and Esquire and […]

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